Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another cool thing from Google and R.

I've found a new cool stuff. Well I don't think it's really a new thing as Hans Rosling already started it here. Yet I used Indonesian Province-Level Data (e.g. Regional GDP, Net Enrollment rate in senior high school etc). The Chart below is aimed to look at the relationship between Regional GDP percapita (i.e. Province GDP) and Net Enrollment Rate in Senior School Level, for a given the population size.

I also set up the data by using R and a Google Project.

Before you play it: to make the chart interesting (and meaningful), you should change Color box in the upper right from Date to Unique Colors.  Then, you also need to change the X-Axis from Year to Income (i.e. Regional GDP percapita). Now we can observe the relationship between school and income percapita from 2004 to 2010.

Once you set all of these, now you're ready to play. Click play button in the bottom-left. Do you see any strong relationship?...if you think so, let me know :) [data are taken from BPS, 2004-2010]