Sunday, March 18, 2007

The 75th anniversary of Sydney Harbour Bridge…”Our Bridge”

Sydney just celebrated the anniversary of one of its famous icons, Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sydney-siders (the inhabitants of Sydney), if not most, maybe have little idea about when Sydney Harbour Bridge was built and who the man behind was. Knowledge over Australia’s history or even historical dates has been hot-debated issues.

I recall a shameful accident when New South Wales Education Minister, Carmel Tebbutt, once was interviewed by a radio about why Australians should celebrate Australia Day and she accidentally, mixed up between Australia day and Federation day. Australia day is the day when the first Europeans arrived in Australia (some call it as imperialism day) while Federation day is the day when the states joined together to the Commonwealth of Australia.

What happened to Mrs Carmel Tebbutt, perhaps, looks so common for some but for others, it means a degraded spirit of Australian identities and values. Despite rarely do people really know for sure what Australian values are.

Opinions may stand in the opposite way, but Australians seem to know how to break fun and view up. That is when these two groups may stand side-by-side. Finally celebrating the 75th of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is not only about remembering the day when such a mega-structure for the first time was built in Australia but also about making attractions during autumn for Sydney-siders and international tourists. Surely, there were senses of being proud and of belonging as people wore hats dan T-shirt labeled “the 75th of Sydney Harbour Bridge…“Our Bridge”…” and paraded crossing over the bridge.

For people like me who are not part of Australia’s history, at least, enjoyed the latter part. Sitting at a café in the side of the Opera House, drinking a cup of hot coffee and taking pictures of the bridge were really a lot of fun


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