Monday, April 30, 2007

Democrats vs. Republicans

This is a clip that depicts Democrats (Hillary, Obama, Gore, etc) againts the current administration (Bush, Cheney, etc). What made it funny is that it shows them fighting each other with a kind of "Super Friends" cartoonish flavor attached to it. Enjoy...

Here's a list of the character bios shown in the clip if you're interested. Oh, in case you don't know or forgot what "Super Friends" is, it's a cartoon show that ran from the 70's to the early 80's (guess how old am I?:D) that showed Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other super heroes fighting againts supervillains such as Lex Luthot, the Joker, etc. Here in the US, with the presidential primaries nearing, I guess this type of things always come up. I'm betting the guy who made this is a liberal:D