Thursday, November 20, 2008

.....And We're Back!

It's official. We're back! As you may have noticed we've been quite inactive for a long period of time (blame us....we're procrastinator and good at it). However, while this blog fell into prolonged hibernation, we were kept busy elsewhere. Yudo was (and is still) occupied by his research projects, while also having a blog of his own. Meanwhile, I have just finished my studies, in my spare time also moonlights as a guest DJ at the cafe next door, and am now in the early stages of my reserch projects.

Then, some unknown and unseen force(s?) drove us back to revisit this blog. Yudo got the ball rolling by posting the result of his recent research on labor issues. One thing led to another, we thought why not revitalize the whole look for the blog? So we did a full cosmetic change, cleaning our blog from spammers, remove unnecessary stuffs, etc. Hope you'll like the end result.

Finally, as a bonus we present you with Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back in Town". We think this song is appropriate for the occasion, enjoy :)


Kate said...

There you go. More shiny, not the gloomy color anymore :-) Good to have you guys back. (Hey Pasha, you owe us stuff!)

End ahem, my regards to "Penunggu Ruang 413". He sounds cool.