Thursday, August 30, 2007

Some Mathematical Proof

Economist John Siegfried wrote an interesting piece for students who never took econometrics or planning to take their first econometrics class. Here's the link.


Dhaniel said...

Ketawa gue bacanya... (duh ga tau deh kalo yang laen bakal ketawa kaya gue apa kaga). Wkwkwkwk...

batari saraswati said...

Mr. Pasha,
My name is Batari, grad student of Tokyo Inst of Tech.

Friend of mine recommended this blog to me. And he's right, this blog is good :)

I am looking for econometrics journals/articles. I would like to read John Siegfried's. Unfortunately, the link you gave is no longer available. Do you mind sending the pdf file to my email? Thank you so much.