Thursday, July 19, 2007

A New Look and Blabbing...guh..Babbling

As you can see we got a new look for our blog. What do you think? By the way, did any of you ever read this blog? No? Or just skimming? No? Just looking at the pretty pictures? What pretty pictures?? Pictures that someday we might put in this blog. WHAT?? Sure, someday people won't have to write or read blogs anymore, they look at pretty pictures. Didn't the porn industry already done that?? Riiiiiiiight. Nevermind, here's Calvin and Hobbes taking a shot at economics (just click the comic for a bigger picture).


-aRMa- said...

Hi guys..
living apart in two different continents obviously doesn't stop u from doing stuff together, like this blogging thing. hahhahah..

Yudo said...

Thanks bro...i love this one. It seems we have the same taste :D....

embun said...

Great cartoon! I praise your post by using this cartoon as my notebook wallpaper. Also, I have an idea to show this cartoon in front of Microeconomic class just to inspire the student.

Just finished attending undergrad final examination and he was failed to explain about Cobb-Douglas vs. Leontieff Production function. I just expected that he would be able to draw the graph, but he just smile at me waiting for some clue... Thus, this cartoon really cheers me up!

Pasha said...

thanks embun!

Anonymous said...

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