Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So...What Have You Been Up To Lately?

I ran into a friend the other day, we went to the same school by the way. As usual, when you ran into someone you know in the summer, you'll be asked the "what are you doing this summer?" type of question. Thus, I was asked that philosophical question. A typical graduate student answer would be "Oh, I'm doing an intership at this blablabla..." or "Well, I'm doing my research on bla...". Ok, I'm a graduate student but I'm not doing any internship this summer. I kind of doing research but not quite sure yet due to some administration problem. Trust me, it's complicated. "So what do I have to say as an answer?", I thought to myself.

Let's see, I finished reading this, which is quite interesting. I also read this, which kept me up for three days (once you start reading the first sentence, it's hard to put it down). Not only that, this and this just arrived from Amazon which will keep me busy for the rest of the summer. I'm in the first few chapters of this. I also enjoyed reading this, I was quite taken by its surprise ending. In all my years as a reader and collector of this, it was the first time in a long while I felt excited reading page after page (Well done Geoff!).

Aside from reading I saw this, which was not as good as the second one. The filmakers tried to tell too many things in just under three hours which convoluted the story. A few days after that I moved into a new apartment. Not only that, I also help some of my friends move out from their apartment, which is a good exercise for the summer. It builds your upper and lower body, not to mention you get free lunch...well not exactly free...rather you're compensated for being a goood samaritan. I highly recommend it. Then, two weeks ago I went in the movie theater and spend $9 to see this, which was not the best $9 I've ever spent. Thank you Michael Bay for ruining my childhood heroes. To me, this version is better, despite that it's corny and he died in it. But at least he died fighting and not that lame fighting sequence in the new movie. Him killed by him, come on. The franchise is about robots not humans! Fortunately, I still have this and this to fall back to every evening. To enhance my cultural experience, I went to this concert which was very entertaining, But mostly I'm preparing myself for this. And right now I'm pondering whether or not I should enter this contest.

Given all this. I come up with one perfect answer, "Not much".


Yudo said...

Well we read the same book bro...:D

Pasha said...

Yang mana?

a.p. said...

Ngomong2, kartun jaman dulu apa aja ya yg udah difilmin (non-animasi)? Kura-kura ninja, transformers. Thundercats udah belum ya?

penunggu ruang 413 said...

Thundercats lg mo dibikin live action's in the plannig stages