Friday, July 20, 2007

Why A Chapter in Game Theory is So Important, Particularly for Partygoer Students

One day, two procrastinating economics students decided to go for a party in a campus instead of studying for exam. They knew that the next Monday is Microeconomics Analysis 1 exam (let’s say so). But it's so worthy not to be missed. This party would be getting crazy and hang out (a bit hang-over) with ladies in the next campus could be a lot of fun. A party which must be put on not-to-be missed party list. Besides, they should not worry about exam anyway. The party is on Saturday and there is a plenty of time for reviewing the materials. Since they thought they are smart students and, of course, good party goers, 6 hours on Sunday for refreshing the course is enough.

Then they went to the party. They’re right. At least the party got crazy and many were unconscious-including them. Getting hang-over….back home and oh sleeping the whole day on Sunday. After all, Shit! time for covering the whole materials. They just reviewed Social Welfare I and II and no much time for studying A chapter on Game-Theory. In a very decisive time, one of them realized, raised a brilliant idea and thought that they could use special consideration for delaying exam.

They would tell the Prof that they attended a seminar (or workshop…or whatever academic things) in Econ program at the neighbour university. And when they were on the way back home, there was something wrong with one of the wheels. The wheel was broken and it took a whole day for fixing it. “Mmmm it sounds reasonable….” replied another smart but artful student. They did and they were allowed to take the exam in the next week after.

What a brilliant idea. Then they would have a plenty of time for studying lovely microeconomics. The exam time was coming. They sat separately (of course this is an exam and not a study group). Both were surprised since there were only two questions.

The first question was about consumer theory which account for only 10 % of total grade. Even, there was no question about game-theory. The second question was only one sentence but significant and account for 90 % of total grade. The question is like this: “which wheel was broken?”

Well the Prof just applied one important part of a chapter in game theory, namely, Prisoner’s Dilemma. Yeah..they once again missed that part.

*Note: this is a common joke and ,of course, not a real story :D


-aRMa- said...


It will be funnier if it was a real story! (read: YOUR story)


Pasha said...

Who said it wasn't? Did you really believe the disclaimer? hehehe

-aRMa- said...

Well Yudo said it wasn't, but of course, I don't believe it AT ALL!! hahahhaa..

Dooooo, kemaren gw ketemuan ama Yudis. Terus awal Agt Insya Allah gw mo ke US loh, rencananya mo ketemuan ama Pasha. Dikau pasti iri deh karena mereka semua bisa bertemu diriku. huwhehehehe..

Yudo said...

The story??? almost..he..he..he..

Hey Arma you should visit one of your partners in crime (me!, i mean)...hue..hue. Otherwise, well "the story" may punch you off...(he..he apa seh gosip aja). It seems Jakarta will be calm after you're going to France, :D.

Anonymous said...

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